yuxi liu

Designer and artist based in Munich. Recent work explores designing with machine intelligence through critical, philosophical, and poetic lenses.

01 Serendipity Searcher
02 Five Machines
03 Cooking with Miso
04 no machine is an island
05 Poet on the Shore
06 The Other Actor


Cooking with Miso (2018)


A 2-week project developed with Reuben Jerome D’silva at CIID, Miso explores human-AI collaboration in the context of home cooking. 

Research and Insights

Working with an online recipe sharing platform, we were given the brief: bring joy to home cooking with the help of machine learning technology. Through initial user research, including intercept interviews and home visits, we gathered two insights. First, many people don’t like following recipes, instead, they want to feel supported in a more organic and personalized way. Second, people seek novelty in the mundane. Although home cooking tends to be a mundane task, people always look for opportunities to experiment with what hey have. These insights helped us to define our opportunity: how might we help people learn and rediscover cooking through fluid collaboration with machine intelligence? 

Value and Metaphor

We hoped the object can provide serendipitous discovery, help preserve experiences and enable users to learn from instint.

Cooking can produce many exciting results when ingredients are combined in different propotions and different ways. What if we allow people to explore those combinations in a fluid yet guided way? The metaphor of a decision tree helped us to define the core of the experience.

Prototyping and Testing

Using Wizard of Oz, we built an initial prototype to simulate the cooking experience and the interaction with the smart device. Through testing and co-creation, we further defined the core design principles: the device should be aware of the context and adjust its modes and personalitiy accordingly; the technologies used should function smoothly in the background; user’s input should always be reflected in timely output from the device. 

Training and Building

We used Wekinator to train the camera to recognize different ingredients. The building process involved designing and making of rhe case, and assemble all the electronic components. 

Miso the Cooking Guide

With embedded camera and microphone, Miso observes its surroundings and listnes to its users’ questions and commands. Computer vision empowers Miso to recognize what ingreadients are being used and suggest options accordingly. Connected to the company’s recipe database, Miso can make relevant suggestions. It can also act as a mentor to help improve the user’s cooking skills. At the end of every cooking journey, it reminds the user to save the process as a recipe that can be stored to the company’s website. Overtime, Miso learns the user’s cooking patterns and generates a cooking book unique to the user. 

︎Observe and listen

︎See and tell

︎Suggest and correct

︎Learn and record