yuxi liu

Designer and artist based in Munich. Recent work explores designing with machine intelligence through critical, philosophical, and poetic lenses.

01 Serendipity Searcher
02 Five Machines
03 Cooking with Miso
04 no machine is an island
05 Poet on the Shore
06 The Other Actor


Yuxi’s trajectory as a designer has been shaped by a fascination with emerging technologies and the ensuing shifts in social realities. She is especially interested in the entanglement of humans and nonhumans, more-than-human design perspectives, and pluralist approaches to knowing and doing.

Her recent work centers around designing for, with, and by machine intelligence. By experimenting with data and algorithms, she explores new modes of coexistence, and forges narratives that straddle the lived experience of human and nonhuman agents. 

Yuxi’s work has been exhibited at Dutch Design Week, BIO26, the 26th Biennial of Design in Ljubljana, and London Design Festival among others; and published by Vice Motherboard, designboom, Core77, BBC Radio 4, IAM Weekend, and Frame Magazine. Yuxi holds an MFA in Design Informatics from the University of Edinburgh and is an alum of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.